When installing Puppeteer on your new shiny M1/M2 powered Mac, you might come across this error message, when trying to install the Puppeteer NPM package:

The chromium binary is not available for arm64: 
If you are on Ubuntu, you can install with: 

 apt-get install chromium-browser

Fear not, there is an easy fix!

Just install Chromium manually with HomeBrew:

brew install chromium --no-quarantine

No quarantine?

The no quarantine flags ensures you don’t get the “Chromium is damaged and can’t be openend”.

After installing Chromium, just add these two lines to ~/.zshrc:

export PUPPETEER_EXECUTABLE_PATH=`which chromium`

Don’t forget to run source ~/.zshrc afterwards. Your installation of puppeteer should now work.

4 responses to “Fixing “The chromium binary is not available for arm64””

  1. Brana Avatar

    It didn’t work for me

  2. Joe Avatar

    Live saving!

  3. satorssupport Avatar


  4. JB Avatar

    This worked for me with a modification:

    paste the export lines mentioned into ~/.zprofile (which existed instead of ~/.zshrc)

    then run

    source ~/.zprofile

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