Fixing “The chromium binary is not available for arm64”

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When installing Puppeteer on your new shiny M1/M2 powered Mac, you might come across this error message, when trying to install the Puppeteer NPM package:

The chromium binary is not available for arm64: 
If you are on Ubuntu, you can install with: 

 apt-get install chromium-browser

Fear not, there is an easy fix!

Just install Chromium manually with HomeBrew:

brew install chromium --no-quarantine

No quarantine?

The no quarantine flags ensures you don’t get the “Chromium is damaged and can’t be openend”.

After installing Chromium, just add these two lines to ~/.zshrc:

export PUPPETEER_EXECUTABLE_PATH=`which chromium`

Don’t forget to run source ~/.zshrc afterwards. Your installation of puppeteer should now work.

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2 responses to “Fixing “The chromium binary is not available for arm64””

  1. Brana Avatar

    It didn’t work for me

  2. Joe Avatar

    Live saving!

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