Recently there's been a lot of hype around Clubhouse, a new app that can be described as the COVID version of those expert round tables you have at tech conferences.

Clubhouse is a collection of clubs, groups of people interested in the same topic, and each club can host rooms. You can join those rooms to talk (or listen). A moderator then decides who opens his mic, which leads the conversation in the right direction.

This results mostly in conversations where the experts speak, and the audience can ask questions. Clubhouse's strength lies in those experts' quality, some of which are truly Titans Of Industry: from internet entrepreneurs like Alexis Ohanian (Reddit) and Ryan Hoover (product point) to A-list celebs like Kanye West, Drake, and Ashton Kutcher.

Thanks to a built-in calendar, you can see what times rooms are hosted that might interest you. But I've enjoyed browsing the room list and just dropping in where I please the most.

There is always something interesting going on, and the quality of the speakers is excellent.

The only downside I've found so far is how American it is. Everyone is grateful, and everything is wonderful. Many topics are about money: what you have to do now that you are a millionaire, how to buy and sell businesses quickly, and yoga sessions to avoid having to think about your millions of Bitcoin loss (really).

Clubhouse is a nice new app if you manage to filter that BS, and it tries to do something new. Not technically because there's plenty of audio chat apps already, but they shine in attracting a nice community of top industry profiles. People who often have something interesting to say.

There's a lot of hype surrounding Clubhouse because you can only get in with an invite. This is a smart move, but I wonder how they'll protect their nicely walled community once everyone invites all of their friends.

I want an invite too!

All my invites are gone but leave a comment below, and I'll get you one once they refill.