Author: Tim Broddin

  • I’m starting at Automattic

    I’m starting at Automattic

    Lees de Nederlandstalige versie At the end of August, after more than 8 years, I will leave my current company (VRT). Eight exciting years, which I will look back at in detail in a subsequent blog post. On September 5th, I will start working as a Software Engineer at Automattic, the company started by Matt […]

  • Back to WordPress(.com)

    Back to WordPress(.com)

    After some years of running this blog on Ghost, I’ve decided to switch back to WordPress. Ghost has made incredible progress during the past 9 years. But their focus has been on paid memberships and empowering creators for a while. This change of direction made me feel I’m not their target audience anymore. I’m just a simple […]

  • My 2022 (mostly frontend) programming stack

    My 2022 (mostly frontend) programming stack

    This post is a post that’s been in my draft folder for way too long. I’ve wanted to write about my current programming stack for a while. This post is an overview of all the languages, frameworks, services, and tools I’ve been using in 2022. Where I come from More than 20 years ago, I […]

  • Project MiSTer: de ultieme retromachine

    Project MiSTer: de ultieme retromachine

    Ik heb iets met nostalgie. Ik heb ook iets met oude computers en consoles. Hoe graag ik ook de laatste next-gen games speel op m’n Xbox, ergens heb ik diep vanbinnen een heel weke plek voor de tijd dat personages gewoon een hoopje pixels waren. Daarom heb ik een Project MiSTer gebouwd, de heilige graal […]

  • Only one Airpod playing sound?

    Only one Airpod playing sound?

    I’ve been struggling with a pair of misbehaving AirPods Pro for about a month now. Sometimes the left earpiece would play, sometimes the right, and every time I opened the case, iOS kept bugging me that these weren’t my AirPods. I tried every tip on the Internet and finally got it to work following these […]

  • Get HyperPixel 4.0 working horizontally for Octodash

    Get HyperPixel 4.0 working horizontally for Octodash

    Recently I managed to corrupt my Octopi SD-card by pulling the power plug while it was updating. Everything was up and running again relatively quickly, but one thing I could not get to work -no matter what I tried- was horizontal screen orientation for my Pimoroni Hyperpixel 4.0 display and OctoDash. Finally, I got it […]

  • Troubleshooting the Prusa MMU2S

    Troubleshooting the Prusa MMU2S

    3D printing in one color is fantastic—3D printing in five colors is the next frontier. Ever since I started my 3D printing adventure, I’d wanted to buy a Multi-Material Upgrade, but I was hesitant after reading some reviews. Many people seem to be having trouble getting the unit to function, and that’s no surprise given […]

  • Dolby Atmos op Apple Music

    Dolby Atmos op Apple Music

    Ik ben één van die tien Apple Music gebruikers in België. Vooral om historische redenen: ik hou al sinds m’n eerste iPod al m’n muziek netjes bij in iTunes, en toen Spotify er kwam hadden zij een limiet van 10.000 songs. Een paar keer te klein voor mijn bibliotheek. Het is als Apple Music gebruiker […]

  • Adding a copyright notice to an Apollo GraphQL API

    Adding a copyright notice to an Apollo GraphQL API

    You’re building an open API, but you want to make sure your copyright notice is displayed alongside the data? While building the backend for our rock photography website, I faced the same problem. I want hobbyists and tinkerers to be able to play with our API, but I want to clarify the copyright terms. We […]