I’m just a creative developer from Antwerp, Belgium.

I love photography, and actually was a rock photographer for many years. But I felt I was doing the same trick over and over again, and I stopped. Whenever life stops challenging you, go do something else.

I love food. I also love Japan, and believe every human being should go there at least once in their lifetime. Being in an environment that’s so strange, yet familiar will do you good. And they have great sushi.

I work at a company called VRT. It’s the national broadcaster in Belgium. I work at an entity called Creative Lab. We get a lot of freedom. I love freedom.

My programming language of choice is Javascript. I love the Meteor framework, and if you are a developer and don’t know this go check it out. It has allowed me create things in hours instead of weeks.

I used to be a PHP-developer, but I like where Javascript is headed, and although I don’t hate PHP as much as this guy, it has became increasingly harder to love that language recently. Yes, I know this site runs on WordPress.

If you have any questions, please contact me using this form below: